About us

Gyeregyalog.hu Association

The Gyeregyalog.hu Association was founded in 2009. Its main objective is the promotion of unity of action of individuals, organizations and service providers – for profit and not-for-profit alike – operating in the South Transdanubian region and involved in nature conservation, environmental education, sustainable development and ecotourism. The association aims to draw attention to and promote the natural and cultural values and rarities of the South Transdanubian region among its visitors. Its mission includes promoting an eco-conscious approach to life, emphasizing environmental sustainability and sharing of innovative solutions that lead towards a more sustainable future. It strives to make – through its rich programme lineup and regular events – the Soth Transdanubian region the centre of ecotourism in Hungary. Its members include theme parks, nature centres, forest schools, forestries, eco accommodations, village museums.

We believe in:

  • learning by doing;
  • community and personality development outside of school;
  • the strenght and power of the unity of like-minded people;
  • that getting acquainted with nature and our environment prepares for life;
  • and we respest nature and the wisdom of our ancestors.


Contact details:

Address: 7625 Pécs, Vince u. 9/2.
Email: okoklaszter@gmail.com
Web: www.gyeregyalog.hu



Municipality of Cserkút

Cserkút is a picturesque hamlet stretching along the foothills of Western Mecsek, in the close vicinity of Pécs. Embraced by Jakab Hill, its beautiful natural surroundings radiate peace and tranquility for the locals and visitors alike. Among the attractions of the village is the 13th-century Catholic church with a wood shingle roof built in Romanesque style. The Local History Collection can be found in the mayor’s office which is located in the building of the former school. The collection covers the material culture of the traditional rural, peasant lifestyle. One can ­find several farmhouses and craftsmen houses built from red sandstone preserved in their original form. There are several hiking trails from the village to Jakab Hill which is part of the Danube Drava National Park. The Babás Szerkövek (puppet-like altar-stones) and Zsongorkő (Zsongor stone) can both be reached by an easy walk, be prepared for an extraordinary view over the villages and the whole valley from up there!

Thanks to the creative and innovative rural hosts and organic farmers of the village Cserkút is a popular destination for rural and ecotourism.

Contact details:

Address: 7673 Cserkút, Alkotmány u. 8.
T.: +36 72 564 125
Email: hivatal.timi@gmail.com
Web: www.cserkut.hu



Alliance of Hungarian Entrepreneurs in Croatia

The Alliance of Hungarian Entrepreneurs in Croatia was established 15 years ago with the aim of fostering and facilitating the work and advancement of  Hungarian minority entrepreneurs in Croatia, representing them before the authorities and in the chamber of commerce, providing them with relevant and up-to date information, promoting their products and services both in Croatia and abroad. As time went by new demands and opportunities opened up to which the organization reacted courageously and with dedication, and so had taken a path that leads way beyond its original aim.

It has cooperated in several joint Hungarian-Croatian projects, with its work it draws attention to possibillities inherent in culture and tradition that can create jobs and future for the people.

Contact details:

Address: Glavna 2., 31309 Kneževi Vinogradi
Email: balint.dor@gmail.com
Web: www.spmh.info



Municiplity of Knezevi Vinogradi

The County of Kneževi Vinogradi is located in the northeast of Croatia, in the direct vicinity of the Croatian-Serbian-Hungarian border. It covers an area of 248,77 km2. Kopački-meadow, a renowned nature reserve stretches along its southern border and part of its territory belongs to the County of Kneževi Vinogradi. 

This land has had a mixed population since time immemorial, Croatians, Hungarians and Serbs have populated the area which is best characterized as the intersection of different cultures. Until the 2nd World War Jews and Germans had also lived here. The ethnic composition of the population according to the 2011 census: Croatians 38,1%, Hungarians 38,66%, Serbs 17,66%, other ethnic groups 5,58%. 

The Municipality, by refurbishing the local market within the framework of the project will create a modern, attractive, green hub, a platform where producers and consumers can meet, talk and share their love for locally grown, fresh produce. By organizing training courses it will foster the advancement of various skills service providers need in order to succeed in today’s economic climate.

Contact details:

Address: Hrvatske Republike 3, 31309 Kneževi Vinogradi
Email: opcina@knezevi-vinogradi.hr
Web: https://knezevi-vinogradi.hr/