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Culinary Centre in Cserkút – Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Culinary hub developed in Cserkút in the framework of our project will take place on June 29th 2019. All those interested are warmly welcome to the event!

Programme from 11am:
  • Introductory welcome speech by Vice Mayor Zsolt Hegedűs
  • Overall vision of the Eat Green project, completed project activities, reached goals – summary by Tibor Gonda, representative of the Lead Beneficiary Gyeregyalog.hu Egyesület
  • Project part implemented by the Municipality of Knezevi Vinogradi – presentation by Dénes Sója
  • Innovative tourism products developed in the framework of the project – presentation by Bálint Juhász, project manager of The Alliance of Hungarian Entrepreneurs in Croatia
  • Ceremonial speech by Péter Hoppál MP, ministerial commissioner
  • Consecration of the building by parish governer Gábriel Barics


15:00 Cooking demonstration with creative chef Ákos Lokodi

Throughout the day: food tastings (food prepared using locally grown ingredients and region-specific traditional or locally developed modern recipes)