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    Eat Green closing conference

    The closing conference of our Eat Green project (Project ID: HUHR/1601/2.1.3/0022) organized by the Alliance of Hungarian Entrepreneurs in Croatia will take place on 19th June 2019 in Knezevi Vinogradi.

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    About us

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    The Eat Green project is the result of the collaboration of two Croatian and two Hungarian partners –
    1-1 municipality and 1-1 non-governmental organization on both sides of the border.
    The project aims to encourage intergenerational cooperation, serve the better understanding and
    appreciation of the artisanal heritage, motivate to discover and appreciate local values, contribute to
    the growth of eco-consciousness, inspire environmentally conscious behaviour and healthy living. It
    promotes acceptance and inclusion through the involvement of roma people and people with special
    needs. We believe that cross-border activities bringing new acquaintances, ideas and approaches will
    broaden perspectives, enhance creativity and help build friendships, tolerance and understanding.
    We hope that those participating in our events, workshops and trainings will have unforgettable
    experiences, great encounters and new friendships along the way!

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